Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Why JAK is the right fit for you.

Telefunding became a prominent part of many nonprofit organization’s public outreach efforts in the 1980s.  As technology developed it became a more effective and economical way for organizations to reach out to potential and past supporters.

As the 1980s transcended to the 1990s, many organizations, using agencies like JAK Productions, found that telefunding was a better way to locate and recruit new donors.  The concept of calling lapsed donors also evolved.   Many organizations during this period realized that they might be able to reactivate a donor who had previously given by mail, by simply calling them to tell them they had been missed.  Another part of the telefunding strategy was to renew past relationships with a request for a current donation.

When considering telefunding as a tool for an organization, it is important to know the three main strengths of this method.  Each call acts to increase the name recognition of the organization.  Likewise, each call, carefully scripted, promotes the mission of the organization through education and advocacy to those who receive the calls.  Finally, and equally important, is the possibility of gaining financial support from each opportunity to talk. 

Every call adds value to the organization, whether it results in a donation or simply a polite “no.”  Experience has taught JAK Productions that in many instances those who say they are not interested today may, as a result of a personal experience, be very interested tomorrow, next week, or next year.

JAK Productions encourages its nonprofit clients to develop other channels of communication to deliver their message and seek public support.  Telefunding alone should never be the only source of support, but it can be one of the most attractive because of the economic component of the relationship between JAK Productions and its clients.

Frequently, nonprofits doing direct mail must place their resources at risk.  When JAK Productions conducts fundraising on behalf of a client that is not a requirement.  An arms’ length contract is negotiated to comply with all aspects of best practices and the laws of the various states.

There are a number of reasons why an organization might choose to explore a relationship with JAK Productions.  The company brings a degree of professionalism and experience, which can be rare in this industry.  An organization can also be assured that JAK Productions is acting in full compliance with all the applicable regulations and restrictions placed on professionals who raise money for nonprofit organizations.  Also important is the training program that employees of JAK Productions must complete prior to acting as a representative for the nonprofit organization. 

Over the years JAK Productions has proven itself to be resourceful and a trusted partner in taking the message of an organization to the general public.  Why not find out more?