Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Our Services

Donor Retention
Our biggest challenge is to help our nonprofit clients acquire new donors. A donor base is one of the most important assets a charity can possess. As a result, we work closely with our charitable clients to build relationships with donors, with the expectation and goal that first-time donors will become long-time supporters. We strive to enhance donor loyalty by customizing our scripting techniques and by ensuring that your donors are only contacted by our most highly qualified representatives.

Data Services
One of the most important keys to a successful fundraising campaign is contacting the right people. This is where JAK Shines. With over 30 years of industry experience in our IT department we have honed the process of potential donor selection to an art form. With our in house algorithms and list selection techniques we are able to provide our agents with lists of potential donors who are perceived to have an interest and the ability to support the program of our charitable client. We also offer in house data cleansing, this allows us to have highly effective lists with minimal disconnected or out of service numbers. This utilizes our agent’s time in the most effective manner possible. Our proprietary, in house system offers us the capability to find donors who have moved or have disconnected numbers. Our calling volume allows us to know when a number is disconnected before our competitors or even the national list compiling companies are aware of it.

Printed Materials
Each prospective donor receives printed materials that are designed to reaffirm their pledge and encourage their desire to support your organization. JAK has an outstanding design team who will design the printed materials for you or will take your ideas and turn them into an effective pledge package that ensures that your message will be conveyed to the potential donor so that they can understand why your cause is so important.

Business Partnerships
JAK brings more than 30 years of experience in both public awareness and fundraising. JAK has assembled a team of qualified and reliable partners to help give your appeal the success it deserves. From fulfillment to new number acquisition to lock box services JAK has placed itself in a position to provide you with a "one stop shopping" experience while still giving you the freedom to choose things that are important to your organization.